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Catwoman prowls an area of Gotham known only as the Enclave. The Enclave is known for its extravagant lofts and enterprising businesses. Some of Gotham's most elite citizens reside in the Enclave making Selina's heists all the more profitable. She scopes out one couple who is just sitting down for a romantic candle lit dinner until her concentration was broken by someone breaking into Hendrickson's Jewelry.

Selina couldn't afford to have some amateur thief trip an alarm within the area so she decides to stop him. Just as she was about to intercept the thief, a gang of kids ambush the thief. The kids start taunting the thief until one of them shoves the thief into a wall causing him to drop his briefcase. When the briefcase fell, it opened and a handful of jewelry scattered across the street. Catwoman decides to cut her losses when a nearby bystander calls out for the police.

Selina returns to her own loft in the Enclave where her friend Wilder is waiting for her. Selina complains to Wilder about how her latest venture caused her to turn up empty handed. Wilder tells Selina to blow off some steam by going to the gymnasium on the top floor. Selina smiles because she notices her workout clothes are already laid out on her bed. Selina then walks to Wilder while undressing. Selina brushes her fingers across Wilder's chest and asks him if he intended for her to work up a sweat. Wilder smiles right back and says the gymnasium is more or likely vacant so she could practice her acrobatic skills without anyone getting curious.

Selina raises an eyebrow at Wilder with a smile says "Hmm...Nice save." As she walks away with her tank top and short shorts, Selina turns to Wilder and says "You know the next time you feel like doing some indoor aerobics, you only have to ask." Selina then makes her way to the elevator and Wilder exclaims that he will have a warm bath drawn for her when she returns but only after he takes a cold shower. During her workout, Selina notices the manager of the apartment building escorting a woman who only goes by Ms. Jeffries around the spa.

Selina's feline instincts tell her that there is something rather off about Ms. Jeffries but she brushes it off for the time being. Selina decides that she wants to get even with the punks who spoiled her caper. Later that night, Selina dresses up as a blonde Enclave aristocrat who is sporting a lot of jewelry. Within an hour of walking around, Selina is finally ambushed by the same gang of punks. The punks try to rob Selina of her jewelry but she turns the table on them by dishing out some of her pain delivering acrobatics.

The punks run off scared and use a latter attached to the Chiavarelli restaurant to escape. Selina makes her way to the roof of the restaurant, only to be taken by surprise by Zephyr. Zephyr displays her metahuman ability to fly by using the air around her then she discharges a high gust of wind to blow Selina off the rooftop. Fortunately, Selina managed to grab one of the punks by his jacket and when his jacket tore, a token fell from its pockets. The wind blows Selina into an adjacent building and then she falls into an open garbage bin. Selina staggers her to feet and picks up the token that fell from the punk's jacket. She recognizes the coin's origin because she used to use these particular tokens at the now abandoned Happyland Amusement Park.

The next morning, representatives of Kingsley Tower decide to set up a trap for Catwoman and Zephyr's gang of juvenile thieves in order to put an end to the thefts within the Enclave. Addison Kingsley, the chairman of Kingsley Tower, shows the board members a picture of the Beryl Butterfly, a natural crystal formation made up entirely of precious stones. Kingsley contacts Hendrickson's Jewelry shop and asks them to display the butterfly in their shop and to make sure its heavily advertised.

Meanwhile, Zephyr commands her gang to make up for their recent failure by stealing the Beryl Butterfly from Hendrickson's. The leader of the gang just happens to be Ian Hendrickson and he knows how Kingsley Tower is going to transport the butterfly to his father's shop. On the day of the transfer, the boys use a series of gas bombs and other methods of distraction to keep the Tower's security dazed while Ian stole the butterfly from the back of the armored convoy.

Unfortunately, for Ian, he was unaware of Kingsley's plan and the crystal had a transmitter equipped with it. The transmitter locked on its location at Happyland and Kingsley's private security had the go ahead to use extreme prejudice when retrieving the butterfly. Unbeknownst to Kingsley's security, Catwoman tags along by sitting on top of the armored truck's roof. Selina intends to Kingsley's brute task force before things get bloody for Zephyr's gang.

Ian gives the butterfly to Zephyr but their moment of success was interrupted by the crashing of Happyland's front gates. Zephyr panics and drops the butterfly. The butterfly shatters and Zephyr realizes it was a glass replica of the original butterfly. Zephyr decides to cut her losses by flying away and abandons the gang. Catwoman makes short work of Kingsley's private security thanks to the gang but one security officer goes after Ian. Ian tries to escape by using the tracks on the old roller coaster but the security officer takes his shot and shoots Ian in the leg. Ian stumbles and falls off the tracks.

In the end, Ms. Jeffries aka Zephyr was never seen or heard from again. Kingsley was arrested for using lethal force on children. Members of the gang were either reunited with their families or put into the system for foster care. As for Ian, his parents mourned for him as did Catwoman when she placed a bouquet of flowers on his tombstone.


Created by Jo Duffy, The wind-controlling Zephyr received lukewarm reception from fans, and was never seen again after her defeat in issue #9.

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