Who's your favorite Bad Girl?

#1 Posted by Khrystyl (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Mine would have to be the malefactorix Baba Yaga!

#2 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

Favorite bad girl. Well I know alot of people are going to put Harley Quinn. So i'm going to be the first.

#3 Posted by danhimself (21305 posts) - - Show Bio

if you're going just from that book then it's toss up between Baba Yaga and the Queen of Spades...but I haven't started reading the series yet since the first page says that it takes place after issue 80 of GFT and I don't want spoilers

outside of that series.......I would go with.....Harley Quinn

#4 Posted by Khrystyl (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry, wasn't specific enough in original post/topic title.

Favorite Bad Girl of all the Zenescope titles - past & present.

danhimself: It is not so much spoilers, but background story that you need for the Bad Girls storyline.

#5 Posted by Perfect 10 (1610 posts) - - Show Bio

kind of hard to say. i love baba yaga, she is just so much awesomeness especially how she looks. too cool. but then last year bad girls came out and they brought venus to the fore front and as anyone knows i love aphrodite/venus in any and all forms. but im just going to say baba yaga for seniority reasons

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