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It is time for my second ever board game review (here is the first). As always I try to keep this blog on the topic of comics, as least notionally, so I don't get into other board games here. In the past couple of years I have discovered an interest in strategy based board games, having learned and played (and bought) such games as the Settlers of Cataan, Agricola and Africana. When I saw that Zenescope had put out a board game based on one of my favourite Grimm Fairy Tales series (Wonderland) I knew that one day I was going to buy it. Well that day came recently.

I suppose because I was impressed with the quality of the Wonderland series and because I was used to the enjoyment of strategy games, I thought that the two would meld together fairly well with this game. This was my first pre-conception which led to a bit of a disappointment. This game is not so much strategy based, rather it is more simplistic, kind of like the board games that preceded the new wave of strategy based ones. The movement is never really strategically based, rather based on a fairly easy grid that is easy to maneuver. The gameplay is decent enough despite that, with at least enough challenges and earned items to make it worthwhile.

There is another relatively major drawback as well, that being that this kind of requires a knowledge of the Zenescope series, otherwise there will be a lot of questions. I usually play these games with my husband, but as he has not read the Zenescope version, he was confused why he was attacking the Cheshire Cat (as his only other exposure to Caroll is from Disney) or other characters, or even why there was so much attacking going on in Wonderland. I tried to explain the context to him, but it did not add to the enjoyment of the game for a newcomer.

So overall, I would say that the game is lacking in those two areas, and its gameplay is nothing special compared to most other games. I would say that it is average, though for someone that doesn't know GFT (which is most people) would probably rank it lower.

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That's kinda disappointing.

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@wildvine: Oh well ... were you thinking of buying it some day?

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@wildvine: Oh do you play other board games?

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Some. Mostly chess and Monopoly. But I have played a few games of risk.

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@wildvine: Oh check out some strategy games, pretty fun. Agricola is a lot of fun.

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Aw that's a shame, seems they could have done something really special with this :/

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@bumpyboo: It would have been nice, I was kind of hoping for it, but it seems the more I see of it, that Wonderland was a some kind of a one hit wonder for the company.

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