Andrew Mangum Cancer Benefit Auction

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One of the truly incredible things about the comic book industry is the way in which creators sometimes band together in their support for one another in a time of need. While artists and writers will compete, they still turn out by donating their work for a good cause. This is exactly what so many creators did when it was revealed that comic book artist Andrew Mangum was diagnosed with a rapid spreading form of cancer, nonseminomatous, phase 2. In order to help him pay for the rising number of medical bills due to chemotherapy that the father of two must now confront, a charity art auction will be held on September 5th, 2009.

Andrew has worked as an artist and inker for DC, Image, and Zenescope alongside the likes of Josh Medors, Justiniano, Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Scott Clark, Mark Kidwell and others. He was the full illustrator on American Wasteland, Grimm Fairy Tales, Snowman and the upcoming title Blood & Bones. While Andrew will have insurance to pay for a good portion of the medical costs; being the sole provider for his wife and two children in addition to the high co-pays on his chemotherapy sessions, he needs our help.

I have always felt that when any person is in need of any kind of assistance, that it is the duty of everyone to assist and to help, which is why I felt it was so important to report on this charity event. I hope that by writing about it, I can help bring awareness and maybe reach many of Andrew's fans.

If you would like more information regarding the charity auction, please visit
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Hate to hear this gentleman is experiencing such issues with his health, will definitely send prayers his way. 
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Certainly send him my best wishes for a quick recovery. I'll link to that charity on my art blog later today. Not sure if it will help much, but every little bit can help and it's better then not trying at all.

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This sucks,man. Hasn't death taken enough  cool people from us!!!!?

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feel sorry for him. always the really talented ones too. i hope lady luck shines on him in his darkest moment.

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I'll be praying for him...
Man,this sucks!

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