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Red Shoe Zeff,the greatest pirate ever has been to the Grand Line and seen things that no one would even imagine because they are so horribly terrifying. He is named Red-Shoe Zeff because of every person he stomped to death. In the series he never really spoke of his experiences on the Grand-Line. But now he is the head chef of an over sea restaurant who serves anyone who can pay. So later unexpectedly a cannon was fired into the wall and went all the way through the other side. Zeff looks out and it is Luffy and his crew just target practicing.So they go to check out the damage and Zeff is so mad that he makes Luffy work on his ship until he is satisfied of the cleaning.Yet Luffy is not feeling bad because he finally got a paying job!

So later that day Luffy asks Zeff what the experiences of the Grand-Line were like, but Zeff just said for Luffy to just get back to work. Luffy keeps asking until finally Zeff answers him.

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