How would you make Zebra Man cool?

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  Disclaimer: This is part 5 of a series of topics I am going to post (One for each day this week) about how to make "lame" Batman villains cool. I seriously need some feedback from you for a Batman project I'm working on. All ideas have to be totally original. No comic book rip offs.

And I am back! After being off the vine for half a week, I have made my dramatic and much awaited return! Because I missed about three days, I will have three posts today, which are this one, Condiment King, and Dr. Double X. Also, for the record, Condiment King is part 4 of my series, not part 3. My apologies for the typo in that one's disclaimer. Tomorrow's will be: Tweedledee and Tweedledum (yes both at once, because having them separate would just be lazy).

Ah, Zebra Man. The things I could say about that character. Suffice it to say that zebras and magnetic powers do not mix. At all. Whoever attempted to mash those two into a costumed criminal must have been jacked up on cocaine and pixie sticks before doing so. Any suggestions?

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Zebraman, the zebra pattern is popular in optical illusions; so let's make him a master illusionist. As well as the visual he can fool the sense of sound and smell. He can do this at the small scale or large scale, or create entire illusionary hideouts. Put Batman's tracking to the test. Give him the very best h2h capabilities a illusionist may have, especially around the capacity to escape holds.

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An illusionist who can assault Bats physically as well as psychologically. That is beasty beyond all reason. Not to mention, it would make him much more dangerous towards Batman. How did you think of that so quick?
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No big deal, I'm just a pretty good brain stormer I guess. Also I like Zebras!
#5 Posted by Hush20 (36 posts) - - Show Bio

If you can make Zebra Man cool, it must be a brain hurricane. As for liking zebras, who doesn't?
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Get rid of his magnetic powers and make him an actual zebra.

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