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Powers and Abilities

Initially described as one of the weaker Mamono pairs, Zatch begins to grow stronger thanks to Kiyo and his bond. Zatch's main abilities revolve around manipulating lightning spells thanks to his book. The spells acur twhen Kiyo calls their name from the book. Since Zatch goes into a trance when using a spell they have developed a system where Zatch looks where ever Kiyo is pointing so they can accurately launch a spell.


Spell 1 Zaker - The first spell Zatch unlocks, it is his most basic attack. Zatch will go into a trance and fire a lightning blot from his mouth. The attack is strong enough to crack stone and brick and can bring down a normal person in one hit.

Spell 2 Rashield - A defensive Spell where Zatch raises a shield of lightning between in and his opponent. The shield will reflect projectile attacks with an added lightning effect. If the spell is said a second time the existing rashield will double in size.

Spell 3 Jikerdor - This spell causes Zatch to fire a slow moving ball of lightning that magnetizes the enemy to stick to metallic objects. This move is not frequently used, but offers a considerable advantage when the conditions are right.

Spell 4 Bao Zakerruga - One of Zatch's strongest spells, Zatch summons an enormous electric dragon which proceeds to engulf the target in its jaws to deal massive damage. When combined with Spell 7 this attack grows a lot in power

Spell 5 Zakeruga - An upgrade for the 1st Spell where Zatch fires a more concentrated beam of lightning at his opponent. After recieving this spell it replaces Zaker as the most used spell.

Spell 6 Ruazaruk - A rainbow colored lightning bolt strikes Zatch and increases his physical abilities for a short period of time. This is one of the few spells that leave Zatch conscious during its use. Zatch cannot perform any other spells until the time limit wheres off.

Spell 7 Zakgurzem - This spell will charge an object with electricity. After an offensive spell is cast it will charge that spell, increasing its power.

Spell 8 Ganreizu Zakeru - This spell summons cylinders with lightning bolts on them in a circular formation, which rapidly shoot bullet-shaped blasts of electricity.

Spell 9 Teozakeru - A more powerful version of the 1st spell Zaker, this replaces Zakeruga as the most used spell once obtained.

Spell 10 Baou Kurou Disugurugu - Zatch summons a dragon like hand made of lightning and manipulates it with his own hand.

Spell 11 Maazu Jikerudon - This spell has Zatch summon a large sphere of lightning that moves forward and deflects attacks. If the enemy is hit by this attack they are drawn in and electrocuted.

Spell 12 Ekuseresu Zakeruga - A spell that shoots a maaive arrow shaped lightning bolt at his opponent. It seems to be a combonation of Zakeruga and Teozakeru.

Spell 13 Jiou Renzu Zakeruga - With this spell Zatch summons a more serpentine dragon than Bao Zakeruga with 4 blades protruding from its face. The dragon fires these blades, its scales, and its body at different points.

Spell 14 Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga - Zatch's strongest spell and the most powerful shown in the series. Zatch summons the ultimate lightning dragon with multiple heads which tears the opponent apart.

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