Zatanna joining the Justice League

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So its been some time since the reboot and we have seen Zatanna kicking some ass in the comic book Justice League Dark. Now I must ask you this, do you think it is a bit too soon to incorporate Zatanna with the rest of the new DCU or should it be given some time? I personally love her and would love to see her with the main Justice League but what do you all think? I want to read your opinions, Take Care and God Bless ;)

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The sooner, the better.

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@The_Lunact_And_Manic: Seconded!

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I would like to see Zatanna on the Justice League

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Since she will only be a guest star on Justice league Dark now. I agree, get her on the Justice League

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@lantian1 said:

Since she will only be a guest star on Justice league Dark now. I agree, get her on the Justice League

Where did you hear that? Jeff Lemire has said in an interview that he has big plans for her in the future? Links please.
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I think she's fine as it is on Justice League Dark. 
What's the point of having a magic fighter whose on a team of other magical heroes that fight villains that use magic, a team that was created simply because the Justice league can't fight magical villains.....on the Justice League. 
She's doing her job on the Justice League Dark team. Her being on the Justice League would just be overkill.

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@DjBest02: .......wekk......your polite.

But anyway,In one of the solicits,we see her in the main.But that is like in March,I think by then she would have enough showings with the JLD

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I like her in Justice League Dark but she seems kinda powerless. Every other magic user has the drop on her in every situation I've read. I think she should be respected more and be shown as a stronger character.

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Writers are afraid to use her. They tend to consider her the get out of jail free card

Apparently the next arc they are putting a big emphasis on her. If she's getting a power up. That could be why she is only going to be a guest on JLD & no longer a core team member

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Since she is going to "leave" justice league dark, its possible that she is joining Justice League considering her face showed up in the latest cover, although that could be a ruse.

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Would be cool, the Justice League series needs some magic/spellcaster and a woman in the team.

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I wonder how her race fit in with the world

Pre-52 Homo-magi all came from Atlantis

I could be wrong but the old relics of Atlantis appear to be magic & so the Homo-Magi could still have originated from Atlantis

If true it would be interesting her meeting Aquaman

Especially if she retains her royal heritage

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The time is always right for Zatanna to be a member of the Justice League.

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Did anyone read justice league 16 yet? In the end this is brought up

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She's in the preview for Justice League 17, looks pretty awsome

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Hulk would like to see her in the Justice League. Hulk also wonder why she always wear tux.

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Yeah, it would be cool to have a magic-user in the League. Plus, another female, so there's that. I just hope that she doesn't wear her Justice League Dark outfit though - she needs something a little more superheroic. That JLD look is so...I don't know, 'casual goth'?

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Agreed though in Justice League 17 she does look good in the JLD outfit

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Id love for this to happen, I really like Zatanna but I dont want to read JLD just for one character, so it would be great to see her in a comic im already reading!

Besides Justice League really need another Female, and they got no real magic character.

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