Who could play Zatanna in a movie?

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Who deserves the role?

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Olivia Wilde,In my universe she was a test subject who got mutated into a Giant June Bug that attacked the city.

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@AweSam said:

I agree she was perfect as Zatanna in Smallville we need to see more of her!

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Smallville Zatanna was pretty awesome. And Wilde looks good but not too sure. Id lean more towards the Smallville version if it hadn't been done in Smallville already, which is kinda a problem (not for me, Id cast everyone in Smallville for movie roles with a few exceptions though)

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For me it would have to be Serinda Swan, she was absolutely perfect in Smallville. As one of my favorite characters this was awesome, It's just unfortunate she didn't have more appearances while it was still on...

They should have a Zatanna: Mistress of Magic TV show.

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How about Lacey Chabert? She's an actress, and she's already voiced Zatanna in Young Justice. 

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@The Lobster said:

How about Lacey Chabert? She's an actress, and she's already voiced Zatanna in Young Justice.

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Serinda swan without a doubt. In an interview she stated that she had a lot of fun in the role and would love to play her again.

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She's a bit old for the role now but a few years ago Lsis Edelstein would've been a good choice.

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Olivia Munn
Gemma Arterton
Olivia Wilde

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no no noooo- to old... the girl who played Jade in Victorious!

Elizabeth Gillies (DOB- July 26 1993)

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@rustyroy: I do like Olivia Mun, and she's proven that she can hold a strong role in The Newsroom.

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@rustyroy: yeah that was from her Victorious days (since I referenced her in that show and you can look her up to see her acting chops) but here is a more recent shot- note the lack of 'crows feet' and smile lines, and all without botox

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@mynamewasdeleted: Okay, she looks great and could probably pull off Zatanna but still I'd prefer a slightly older actress. She looks like she'd be a better fit Batgirl type characters IMO.

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Serinda Swann used to be a model, yeah, you notice modelling world is totally retarded for the fact man looking models thata re not good looking at all get really really famous and called cultural icons.

Serinda Swan is one of the few models that can actuall act, like i show she also trains for her actions scenes and she played the character on the past, now she has more experience on the acting world, is obvious she got better and can do more with her acting, more that many so called serious actresses, that cant act and are there for well many reason, but not their acting.

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A good looking female that did one tv show and was a total killer in the show, sure it was the good season, but still she was killing it all over the show, they had several female on the cast and she didnt looked fake like other actors, they look fake in this show, she knew how to sell this show.

She deserves a bigger chance.

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Another actress that i still get, why the hell cant get herself on anything more that like 12 episodes or something people watch, more people remember her for being the nerd friend of Malcom in Malcom in the Middle, that anything else, heck i think she was in lost.

Sure deserved a chance, maybe not casted as a firt choice, but at least being in the list.

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Some people cast Olivia Wilde for everything, even after the fact after House MD she has done nothing, her only movie that didnt bombed was Tron and people dont belive she is as good as she used to be.

This was based on the mirror effect, this is based on you are with a good actor, you mirror their performance and people belive you are good, she wasnt an actress, she wa a reactress, it was Hugh Laurie who made her look great.

Odette is better looking and lets face it, fits many roles better that Wilde, sure she is another reactress, but still isnt box officce poison.

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rooney mara ? or (annie's boobs) allison brie.

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If she was only a few years younger now.

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you guys do know they are already making a movie for justice league dark and she will be in it right

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thats a terrible idea. justice league dark film....ugh

now...zatanna stand alone movie...perhaps.

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