What's the Problem with her Powers? (New 52)

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Reading through the beginning of Justice League Dark, I've noticed something very disturbing about Zee's depiction that began to become more and more difficult to ignore. Namely her inability to kick butt with her powers? And personally, I don't get why that must be.

I admit that I haven't gotten very far in the series (due to the trade paperbacks not being released quickly enough), but reading through the Enchantress/June Moone arc, there appears to be a huge discrepancy. Namely, that she is able to effectively disable Batman in the first issue and then becomes completely useless from then on. She gets her butt handed to her by nearly everything Enchantress throws at her. Now one could argue that Enchantress is simply more powerful than Zee and as such is able to resist her power. But if that's the case, then how come Zee is powerless against Shade's Behemoth of a Nightmare as well as the Vampires of that silly cross over? (I didn't get any further than that, by the way.)

I did read something about Zee being "unstable" for whatever reason, which could be affecting her magic, but they never even explained what Batman and Enchantress's clones meant when they said she was such. So I am rather confused.

If anyone has the answer to this concern, I'd very much like to hear it as Zee is my all-time favorite Super and I hate to see her so weak when she was so Bad Ass in her Paul Dini solo series.


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I found the same problem. I have only read a few of the JLD books and like u haven't seen Zee cast a successful spell other than the one she used to bind Batman! Unfortunately I have no idea why this is but it is starting to worry me as well. She used to be such a magical powerhouse... I just hope writers straighten things out.

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