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Zatanna has always been a favorite of mine but I haven't had time to dive into this new 52 stuff. So I was hoping if anyone could tell me how they are treating my girl. One of the tings that first appealed to me about Zatanna was that she was extremely powerful but still really down to Earth. Thanks for the help fellow comic lovers.

1. Is she an playing an important role? If so what is it?

2. How powerful is she?

3. Does her personality compare to her former self? Does her power compare to her former self?

4.What are her new feats? (please post scans if possible)

5. How well is she fitting in with her team (Justice League Dark) as well as any other team.

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1. Member of Justice League Dark, earths foremost magical defense team

2. Significantly depowered how much exactly is unknown

3.Her personality is.......... basically the same I guess, a little less fun so far

4. She hasn't really done all that much, no really notable feats

5.No they all hate each other over at JLD, she's still friends with Batman and to a lesser extent the regular JL

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The OP sounds like a concerned mother who hasnt seen her daughter in months. But BA has the gist of it.

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Darn I was afraid they would depower her. After all the years DC spent building her powers up just to weaken her. Maybe the process will repeat itself and she will get stronger.

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She sort of looks like a sex object in the new 52

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