Favourite Zatanna Spells

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 Well her relatively recent ones.  I could only think of two.  The first is from the Zatanna miniseries and Seven Soldiers tie-in.  Evil sorcerer Zor has turned Zatanna into his daughter, but she finds a way to easily beat it. 



The second is from JLA when the team was fighting Amazo.  Amazo has stolen her magic powers as well and has cast a spell to remove her mouth.  Zatanna instead cast her spell in blood (which is something she can do when necessary)





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Ooh, gah, now your going to have me reading every Zatanna book I have... as well as think about buying more... do you get a cut of her sales profit by chance? 
I like that first spell. 

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one that I remember from back when I was a kid.... 
"Htrea worg flugne ym eof!"
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Cool, I had no idea she could do spells in blood, Nice.
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This is new, so I will post in smaller panels, as to not *spoil* anyone who doesn't buy books weekly, but it was very cool, and it deals with a trick I think I have see you mention, bring up before RT. For context, Zee was fighting an enemy that found a way to circumvent her normal backwards spelling spells. Except...

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zatanna. so cool.

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@sputnik said:

zatanna. so cool.


I have to say I love peels, drops 'em like a bag of potatoes.

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i like the time when she lifted all the rock of eternity or when she reconstruct all metropolis city

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"mrala kcolc og ot lleh."

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