Can Zatanna Use Magic Without Spells

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Not sure if this has been done befor, sorry if it has.

Can Zatanna do magic without spells. I heard that the spells were a tribute to her father and for concentration, so does that mean she does not have to speak backwards and just choses to or what? Also, what levle is she on, cos on her Comic Vine wiki pg it said that Green Arrow said she was the most powerful member of the JLA, is she really or was that an exageration? What are her limits if she has them, and can you name some sorcerers or sorceresses who are more powerful than her, thanks!

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@The_Wind_Dancer: I'm sure she has mentioned it before and shown in panels with her doing so, though because she is renowned and fame for her backward speech it is always and ideal for her to do so when she is casting spells. It is debatable to say she is the most powerful JLA member, though he could be referring her as being the most powerful in that current line-up during the Crisis against Deathstroke. Though like others she has low showing on occasions because she is basically a reality-warper on a controlled level. Her limits are unable to reverse death, ironic because her specific spell-casting system, logomancy, is able to achieve almost any effect by stating her desired intent and phrases backwards. There are many high level magic user who tops her such as Spectre and Circe to name a few.

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As far as I know, she can do spells forward as well, but she is more skilled at doing them backwards. Also, she has to either say the spell or write it down, at least, currently and right before Flashpoint she did. 

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thanks guys for the help =)

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