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I'm tempted to put LOL above, but I've got no idea how mods would respond, sorry, back on topic. The DC/Vertigo Magical Universe and its charachters usually don't get much attention or readership from me. I mean, I've checked out The Books of Magic and a few Hellblazers, but I've never really gotten into them. This book....oh wow. While I have no outstanding super awesome etc. comments about the art, it's okay, and maintains a cartoonish, but still realistic style. Now the writing, you better not be drinking (anything) while reading. You'll be laughing from pretty much page one. Everyday Magic is in the tradition of those "day in the life" tales in Batman or Wonder Woman (and other series I can't think of right now) where the purpose is to follow said charachter around for a day, and see what makes them tick. Apparenty for Zee, this is full of Stage Shows, Evil Demons, John Constatine (drunk, of course), Magical Con Women, and Constantine ruining any of her attempts at a personal life. The Pacing is good, the vilian isn't totally unreadable, and Paul Dini fills the story with one-liners, awkward situations, and swear words inserted at precisely the right comedic timing. To some, it may seem a bit overplayed for laughs, but if you ignore all else and just enjoy it, you'll find a wonderful little yarn worthy of several rereads.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I'll be honest... I wasn't a huge fan of this book.  Sure its funny, but everyone seemed out of Character.  
The review was nice to sell the book as a comedy.  That maybe why I wasn't amused being a Hellblazer fan.

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    What have they done to Zatanna 0

    This is just an unclean comic, why because it features a character from the more light-heart (To some extent anyway) DC Comics (Something which includes characters like her who'm are well-known and beloved by children btw as previously adapted into toys and cartoons) and making her join the raunchy more potty-mouthed vertigo comics, which turns her into something along the lines as well. Just saying there's a time and a place... for certain characters....

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