bradbrains's Zatanna #8 - Pupaphobia review

Zatanna is still in good form

Last issue of Zatanna was a single issue story which i felt was a good change of pace after the longer storylines in the last few issues. but now were back into a new multi-issue storyline. not to mention paul dini is back in the drivers seat. the story is about Zatanna dealing with her fear of puppets and learning what in her past caused it 
The Good:  First Of all i enjoy the cover but Stephane Roux. probably the best one in the last few issues. overall the art was good and showcased a little more toned done Zatanna then in some issues. the story had a good flow and got me really excited for the next issue. as  a Character Zatanna flourishes as per usual 
The Bad: the issue was a little bit slowed paced and at times seemed like it was just a set up for upcoming issues. not to say i didnt enjoy it but  it almost feels like unnecessary reading in some parts. I still liked it but i can see how it might bug some more then it did me. 
Overall:    Zatanna remains my favorite ongoing and i am very excited to read the next issue as usal. luckily (and unluckilly ) ive been behind on comics so the new issue is next week. if youve been interested in Zatanna now is a good place to start as it seems its just going to get better. Espically with Paul Dini back writting.

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