harleyquinn12's Zatanna #1 review

A little off, but you can't hate Zatanna!

For me, there were onlt a couple problems. I really like where the story is going already. IN the beggining, Zatanna is performing at a magic show along with actors dressed as Joker and Dr. Ligh. She escapes from their "trap", and is soon approached by a detective.(stalker) The dialogue in this parts gets humorous, but ya know, Dini, so,  He takes her to, I guess a banquet hall, where we find the bodies of many murdered animals. Strange, but we're eventually caught up to speed by Zatanna, who reads the mindd of a man who witnessed the event. The event was performed, in a sense, by Brother Night, an inter-dimensional criminal. He and his crew, a group of villains with strange abilities, basically trashed the place and killed the guests. Brother Night's group consists of Romalthi, who looks like he belongs in "Phantom of the Opera", can transform a person into whatever his mask is shaped like. He transformed many of the people at the banuet hall into such animals as pigs and frogs, Ember, whose hairstyle reminds me of Power Pack's Witchfire, is a dragon with fire abilitiess, manifested in the form of a human girl, and Teddy, a young boy who Zatanna refuses to explain. It is soon found out that Teddy holds a box of,, magic bugs, apparently very powerful magic bugs. Zatanna teleports herself to Brother Night's headquarters, after she transforms from her "street clothes" to her "work clothes". She fights Brother Night and his crew, physically, magically, and verbally. Zatanna shows the villains thast she seriously kicks @$$. She teleports back to her house, and eventually rests with a bubble bath and a martini, originally what she had planned to do. Brother Night then seeks help from an inter-dimensonal. In Zatanna's first issue, we have a detective, murders, and magic bugs. Very powerful magic bugs. Very powerful magic bugs that scare people! The Writing was laughable, enjoyable, and entertaining! The art, was nothing like we've ever seen from Stephane Roux before. It was a bit ordinary, but there was someething that draws me to it! Some scenes were beauftiful! There were almost no flaws in the writiting, or the art! Karl Story's inks were also amazing! This reminds me of the Justice League Unlimited Zatanna. IN Zatanna's first issue, we have humour, a goodplot, and all-around enjoyability!

Posted by Mourgos

Amazing after forty years she finally gets an issue.  Interesting how DC Comics has been featuring their second tier characters for some time now.  Great review.

Posted by harleyquinn12

Thanks! I think she should of had an ongoing series by now.
Posted by DMC

I'm sure someone has ask you this question. If there were problems, how can you give it a perfect score? 4.5 maybe?

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