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Zardor of the unknown sectors was originally a possible recruit for the Green Lantern Corps for his telepathy and various allies in snakes across his sector. However, at some point, the Guardians of the Universe felt he was too "extreme" and emotional to be able to bring the type of order that was needed for the unknown sectors and was banned from the GLC. He spent years in isolation until the former guardian, Krona sought him out in his plans to control the various corps of the universe. At first agreeing with Krona, Zardor eventually took advantage of his pact and used his mind control over newly recruited members of the Green Lantern Corps to use as his personal army and revenge against the Guardians. He even used his powers to take control of Sodam Yat, who Krona was using as a draining source of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery in his plans. Things took a bad turn when Guy Gardner and various members of the Green Lantern Honor Guard and Red Lantern Corps sought him out. He used his various powers and armies of snakes to defeat them and in hopes of using them for his revenge. However, when Arisia and Kilowog were able to break his control, he fled using Sodam as his personal body guard. He left telling them: "Enjoy the war."

His current whereabouts are unknown but he will play a role in the War of the Green Lanterns.

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