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Zarathustra is the result of Lord Moses' effort to create a perfect warrior through a Eugenics project. She possesses peak human strength, speed, reflexes and stamina. She is a master of both armed and unarmed combat. She has a preference for using swords, battleaxes and spears in battle. But she can easily switch them for energy-blasters and other hi-tech weaponry. She uses her ponytail as both a whip and a strangulation organ. Her gauntlets and shoulder-pads incorporate communications and teleportation equipment as well as energy-blasting weapons. Zarathustra has been given training in several languages. She can speak fluently Spanish (her mother tongue), English, Japanese. Her extent of fluency in other languages remains undefined.

Her early missions for Lord Moses brought her to conflict with Fantastic Force, particularly Huntara who has a similar set of skills. She was defeated and arrested in their third encounter. She was  to be transferred to the Vault but escaped the guards. Then she tried to blend in with New Workers and suffered culture shock. Her new enviroment was much different than Lord Mose's Antarctic base where she had lived her whole life. While Zarathustra was raised to see people and events as either good and evil, her new experiences had her realize there were many shades of grey. She was last seen accepting a ride from Go-Devil.

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