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Zanzibar is a Dreadnok that is so nasty the other Dreadnoks detest him. Zanzibar was raised on a garbage scow in the Cayman Islands, and spent most of his formative years as a pickpocket in crowded ports. He's lived as a river pirate, smuggler, and even a con man in the stocks and bonds trade. He and Monkeywrench tried to steal back a tanker of stolen gasoline that he had sold to Zartan, and ended up mading an impression with the Dreadnok leader. Rather then be swindled again, Zartan decided to place him on retainer so he could at least keep an eye on him. Zanzibar overplays the role of a pirate to the letter, raiding waterways aboard his nimble air skiff with a surplus of bluster. Many suspect the eye patch is simply an affection.

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