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The Zamarons left Oa eons ago, after their male counterparts, the Guardians, rejected all emotion out of fear that emotion would bring only chaos.  The Zamarons believed such a course of action to be blasphemy, and sought to gather that which the Guardians rejected.  And so, they searched the stars, and came upon a world encased in violet crystal.  The Zamarons discover the crystal was generated by the violet light radiating from between the bodies of two lovers locked in an eternal embrace, which they declared the Violet Light of Love.

They harnessed this light to create the Star Sapphire gems, which would seek out female hosts who were romantically involved with Green Lanterns, and then encase their worlds in violet crystal.  The Zamarons have recently come to see that this was a mistake, thanks to the actions of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and have begun taking steps to correct it, transforming the violet power gems into violet power rings, and creating violet power batteries for their agents, the Star Sapphire Corps.  The Zamarons have also built a Central Power Battery surrounding the crystal-encased pair they previously discovered.

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