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The mythical Zalkor was long the legend of an ancient race known as the Zalgodians. When a ship of unknown origin was discovered, a man named Milos Abyss recognized the Zagodian language and quickly set out to find the Zalkor, rumored to be able to grant unlimited wishes. 
The Zalkor lived in an ancient satellite. Due to it's immobility, the Zalkor was just out of reach of the only thing it required - a green plant known as the Skrimblatt with drug-like effects, which for centuries was given to him by the Zagodian high priests. Milos agreed to give him the Skrimblatt in exchange for becoming the Zalkor's Kalorian. The Zalkor agreed and removed Milos' soul, creating Count Abyss
Together they took control of the universe, each believing the other to be their servant.  
When Count Abyss was given a soul by Adam Warlock's Soul Gem, Zalkor could no longer recognize Abyss, since Kaldorians had no souls. Abyss was transported to another dimension and the Zalkor was left alone, begging for someone to give him the Skrimblatt he desired with all of his being.

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