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Zakaius was appointed executioner of the Imperial Court by Lord Domitian. He removes the life force of those consided 'cosmic transgressors.'

Zakaius befriends Firelord on the planet Luarei where he promptly steals his soul. Firelord was able to alert Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch of what Zakaius was doing. They found him in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and faced him in battle.

When Zakaius realized that the Watch were heroes, he began to question Lord Domitian's judgments. He brought the Watch to Domitian who labeled Zakaius a traitor and attacked them. While the Watch battled Domitian, Zakaius realized he was truly on the wrong side. He destroyed the device that provided Domitian with the life force he needed and was defeated.

Powers & Abilities

Zakaius is capable of firing cosmic lightning blasts and teleportation. He is also able to steal the life force of others.

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