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Yvette was created by Richard Starkings and Moritat, she is used to comment on the effects of war on the human soul. She starts of as a sweet young girl surviving her environment and grows into a terrorist.

Major Storyline

War Toys

Paris 2239

Yvette and her brother survived the deadly FCN virus that ravaged the European continent and suddenly it is being invaded by the Elephantmen. While looking for food they accidentally traveled behind enemy lines and her brother Gaston did not survive the ordeal. During the confusion brought on by the arrival of the Chinese jets she stuck a flaming torch to in one of Trench's eyes. She manged the escape the rest of the Elephantmen and was welcomed as the leader of the rebel army.

Yvette carving her name

She became a renowned Elephantmen killer by carving her name in the bodies of her victims and on the walls with their blood,she struck fear in their hearts.

During a long drawn out battle in a Castle in Norway in 2240 she was shot and left for dead after a major fall by the Elephantmen that would later be known as Horn, Hip who was reluctant to pull the trigger shed a tear after he apparent death. She was later rescued by Janis Blackthorne.

Yvette vowed to destroyed the Elephantmen and followed them all the way to China. She deals a major blow to their ranks during a battle between the Elephantmen and the mysterious tiger transgenic. She recognized an injured Hip and Horn, instead of killing she decided to leave to bleed to death like they left her in Norway.


Los Angeles 2259

Yvette as Razorback

A mysterious figure wearing Tusk's skull is on killing spree and all of it's victims are Elephantmen. Blackthorne now a member of the LAPD was investigating the crimes and during long fight with the assassin she discovers the identity of killer as Yvette who kills her in the process.

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