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Yuto was a joyful kid who loved to be entertained. He succeeded to control quickly his powers of hydrokinesis. But he didn’t use it due to his laziness. His sister Tomoe Ozaka didn’t help him to stay on the straight line. By his laziness, Yuto decided to become a city hall official. It was there he met Kanoe. She tried to bring together the Seven Angels. Curious he accepted to join her. They became quickly sex partners.

Time elapsed; Yuto meets another Dragons of Earth: Satsuki Yatoji. He really appreciates her and enjoys spending time with her.



When he learns the return of Kamui Shiro, Yuto decides to have a look on him. He meets Sorata Arisugawa, one of the Seven Seals. Curious to see a man on the top of a tree, Sorata begins to discuss with Yuto. After few jokes, Sorata creates a kekkai in order to fight Yuto. Yuto understands they are both concerned by the “Jour de la Promesse”.

The fight between Sorata and Yuto begins. They introduce themselves: Sorata Arisugawa, a high school student and Yuto Kigai, a city hall official. Sorata uses his electrical power whereas Yuto counters with a Yuto Kigai's weapon (a kind of whip with a saï in each extremity). The fight is a succession of attacks, jokes and compliments until the arrival of Fuma Mono. Sorata and Yuto are astonished because no one could enter a kekkai except those who are concerned by the “jour de la promesse”. Fuma, upset, thinks that Sorata and Yuto are responsible of Kamui’s injuries. They decide to stop their fight and Sorata cancels his kekkai. There is no destruction. The kekkai is perfect. Yuto left to go at the Yamanote Line whereas Sorata tries to introduce himself to Fuma as a friend of Kamui.

Kanoe receives a call from Yuto who apologizes to be late and explains he fought one of the Dragons of Heaven. He tells also the fight finished by a draw due to the penetration of the perfect kekkai by a student. Kanoe understands one of her sister’s visions about the end of the world.



On the one hand Yuto still prefer sleep with Kanoe than destroy kekkai. When Kanoe wakes up after seeing one of Hinoto’s visions, Yuto asks her if there is a problem. Kanoe reveals him that the Sacred Sword has been stolen. Yuto thinks it was Sorata the responsible. Satsuki arrives and contradict him. She discovered that Sorata is a monk from Koya mount, so he is one of the seven seals. Kanoe asks Satsuki to find the sacred sword. With the help of Beast and her natural capacity to communicate with computers, she finds that the robber is a young man with a mark composed of petals on his forehead. This last information astonishes greatly Kanoe.

On the other hand Yuto still prefer stay in company of Satsuki than attack the seven seals. Yuto sees Satsuki connected to Beast in order to attack Kotori Mono. Electrical cables attack Kotori. Just in time, she is saved by a strong man. The electrical attack continues but the man stops it with strong attacks. Underneath the City Hall of Tokyo, Yuto looks at Beast when Satsuki is electrocuted. Satsuki reassures Yuto showing him she isn’t injured. Yuto thinks it is a dragon of Heaven who attacked Satsuki. Kanoe arrives at this moment with her clothes completely torn. She explains she was expulsed from her sister’s vision and the Kotori’s savior may be a dragon of Earth. She requires Satsuki to find information about him.



Time elapsed; Kanoe, Yuto and Satsuki are wondering about Fuma become recently the Kamui of the Earth.

Satsuki decides to destroy Shinjuku. Yuzuriha Nekoi intervenes. Yuto sees Satsuki ask Yuzuriha a question in order to disturb her: why she mustn’t kill human? Yuzuriha doesn’t succeed to find an answer and Satsuki beats her. Yuto joins Satsuki telling her she asks a difficult question. For Satsuki, there is no answer whereas Yuto thinks the answer is: Because some people will be sad. Beast sees this tender discussion.

Older Dragons


When Karen arrives at Yamanote line, creates a kekkai and attacks Nataku; Yuto feels it and decide to help Nataku. When he arrives he sees Karen beats easily Nataku with her pyrokinetic powers. Yuto attacks her with his hydrokinetic powers. Like before, Yuto jokes with his opponent. The fight is intense and no one take the advantage. Seiichiro Aoki does his entrance in order to help Karen. He hurts himself his leg in order to diminish the effect of the sleeping pills that Karen gave him. Yuto proposes to cancel their fight in order to take care of their injured partner. Karen accepts the draw and disrupts her kekkai. Yuto brings back Nataku.

Yuto spends more and more time with Satsuki, at the great displeasure of Beast. Indeed Beast observes more and more Yuto.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Yuto could jump the high of a building.


Yuto can create and control water.

Weapon Master

Yuto prefer using a weapon instead of his hydrokinesis ability.

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