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Yumie Takagi was one of Section XIII's most experienced killers, often deployed in tandem with fellow Iscariot agent Heinkel Wolfe. She assisted in the attack the organization mounted against the Millennium siege of London. There, she demonstrated her valor, speed and amazing sword skills by moving at high velocities through the soldiers and reducing them to bloody shreds with her katana; she remained as calm as she could while following Anderson's instructions to lead Integra Hellsing, until Heinkel protested and begged him to comply with Maxwell's commands. Yumie stood there, battle-ready, but the choice was taken from her as Seras Victoria landed, displaying her shadow abilities to create a shield to drive away the Iscariot priests away from Integra.

She fled with the rest of the priests, but later returned to aid Anderson in his final stand against Alucard; she was one of the few survivors of the Iscariot assault. While successful in opening a breach for Anderson to attack Alucard, most of the team was slaughtered or chose to detonate the explosives they had strapped themselves to; Yumie managed to survive to see the remains of Anderson. Just then, after a poignant scene when Anderson was mourned by foes and allies alike, the Millennium agent Walter C. Dornez descended from the main invasion airship and crushed the paladin's remains. Enraged by the desecration, Yumie attempted to kill him for his insolence, but despite her speed, she quickly fell to his wires, sliced apart in a few moments.

Part of her history appears to be depicted in the Crossfire feature, where parts of the nature of her dual personality are expanded upon. Her mind is displayed as a battlefield between two clashing parts, Yumie, the bloodthirsty killer, and Yumiko, a gentle, bespectacled nun. Heinkel punches out Yumiko to awaken the latent Yumie and have her brutally kill several Middle East terrorists. Even without her katana, her fighting skills are nearly unparalleled, swiftly killing men with her bare hands. She is also extremely adept at Batto-jutsu techniques, allowing her to kill with frightening ease. Yumie also aids Heinkel against a group of murderous thieves in Germany, while complaining the Christians can't force anybody to convert to their religion any more. Both Yumie and Yumiko appeared in the final story, killing a group of cultists in Great Britain, and executing their leader, a self-proclaimed Messiah. Yumiko, at the end, whined about how she could not keep up with Yumie and their activities, implying the wedge between both is extremely different from normal schizophrenia.

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