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Komagata Yumi is a beautiful former akasen who is, intelligent, dignified, well-cultured, and is used to the finer thing in life having been brought up in a comfortable/wealthy life. She was always interested in social issues and occurrences in and around Japan, and became reviled at the Japanese government's stance regarding prostitutes and prostitution. 
Some time in the past she came to love Shishio with a fiery passion which he returned. Thus, she joined Shishio in his conspiracy to bring down the Meiji government by staging a coup. She is constantly concerned about Shishio's medical state. And can often be heard beckoning him to be calm and giving him baths.

As a woman of no skill whatsoever in martial arts and swordplay, she often thinks that shishio is not satisfied with her and thus she always try's to do her best. She also has a playful rivalry with Kamatari a gay member of the Juppongatana.  She witnesses all of the fights at shishio's hideout. But becomes very concerned when she realizes that sojiro has become unhinged. She cradles him after his defeat and even accepts the secret of Kenshin's technique before the two part. She witness the finale battle wearily and as soon as shishio is severely injured she rushes in to shield his body with hers. Shishio then runs her though with his sword to critically wound Kenshin. While kenshin is sad for her, Knowing that she has finally been of use to Shishio in his most important battle, she dies happy and released of her former frustration for not being able to fight next to him.

Her body is burnt along with Shishio's when his body becomes overheated in his fight with Kenshin. 

She appears with Shishio and Hōji in hell.


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