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A long time ago, Yūko was on the verge of death, but the wizard Clow Reed wished that she would open her eyes again. Thus, was her life suspended and she continued to live far past the time she was meant to live. Though he accidentally brought her back to life, it is uncertain whether they had a romantic relationship or business partnership or both.

In the present, Yūko lives in a house inside a demension that only those who have a wish they desperately need to be granted can enter. The high school student Watanuki works for her part-time after school to pay the price for his wish of not being able to see ghosts and not looking like a delicious meal to them.

In a later issue, Yūko was engulfed by blackness, disappearing, and biding Watanuki farewell, passed her mantle down to him. Her spirit which was bound to the shop finally passes on or vanishes from the world. Every customer who has since visited the shop does not remember Yūko . They only recall Watanuki and believe that he is the one who had granted their wish.

For years after her disappearance, Watanuki is unable to leave the shop. He starts to have dreams of Yūko and realizes that in the past she dreamed of him and that through these dreams she is telling him that he now has the power to leave the shop. He, however, remains and continues to play shop keeper.

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