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Yuki was abducted by the monks of Shambhala at a young age. Forced to keep the carnal urges of the monks appeased, Yuki was kept on the floating island with hundreds of other women and the monk's slave laborers, the yeti. The monks followed Master Sho, a secretive leader who was believed to hold the shape of a dragon and live deep within the core of Shambhala. Yuki watched the monks as they trained in various forms of martial arts, waiting for her moment to strike. When the moment came, Yuki released the yeti and burned the island, causing it to fall from the sky. Before it crashed to the ground Yuki was able to journey to the center of the floating temple where she met Master Sho. Sho, who seemed to be a young warrior, cast Yuki's spirit from her body, forcing her to possess others in order to live but leaving her no way to die.

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