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Yuka Kuroki is a doctor, and a mutant. Skull Man first encounters her after her T.V. Broadcast about organ transplants. She then encounters Detective who came into her dressing room to talk to her about what happened to his partner. She refuses to talk to him but he persistes and she transforms into Her wasp form and tries to kill him with her wasps. After having every one in the station under her mind control Skull Man arrives and she tries to take control of him. But he takes the upper hand by disappearing and taunting her.  By doing this he is able to enter her mind to find the antidote to her poison. Hearing their Queen in trouble her servants come to help her but Skull Man escapes in time with the antidote.

Yuka Kuroki's mutant form
She has the ability to turn into a anthro Wasp. She also has stingers on her breast. The right one emits the mind control venom, while the left emits a fatal dose of venom. She also can control hordes of wasps. She also has servants with the same ability as her except weaker. It is unknown if she creates them or were created like her.

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