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After the epic struggle to close the tunnel to the demon plane, Yusuke and the gang take some hard-earned time off. It's still a busy year, and Hiei and Kurama both spend time training and taking care of some loose ends from their pasts. Meanwhile, Yusuke trains with Raizen and ends up in charge of the old demon's domain!

The other kings of the underworld won't stand for this state of affairs for long, so Yusuke proposes a new tournament, and the winner will be king of the demon plane!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 159 - How They Spent Their Year: Hiei, Part 1
  • Chapter 160 - How They Spent Their Year: Hiei, Part 2
  • Chapter 161 - How They Spent Their Year: Kurama, Part 1
  • Chapter 162 - How They Spent Their Year: Kurama, Part 2
  • Chapter 163 - Raizen's Last Wishes
  • Chapter 164 - Yusuke's Gift
  • Chapter 165 - Visitors
  • Chapter 166 - Demon Plane Unification Tournament
  • Chapter 167 - Tournament Prelims

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