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It’s the Young X-Men vs. the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! A traitor is revealed and the casualties mount as the team goes to battle. We hope there are Young X-Men left when the smoke clears.


In the wake of the X-Men disbanding, Cyclops recruited a new team of heroes, made up of the last generation of mutants: Wolf Cub, Dust, Blindfold, Rockslide, and a previously undiscovered mutant, Eric Gitter, codenamed Ink. He gathered them in the ruins of the Xavier Institute and charged them with hunting the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whose members consist of Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot and Dani Moonstar, the former New Mutants. On their first mission, Rockslide, Wolf Cub and Dust ambushed Magma, while Ink and Blindfold tracked Dani Moonstar to her home in Colorado. After subduing Moonstar, Ink wheeled on Blindfold without warning and knocked her unconscious.

What happened:

  • Manhattan, New York: Ink brings the unconscious Blindfold and Dani Moonstar to his mysterious employer. It appears that Eric works as mercenary, not taking part in any mutant factions. Meanwhile in L.A., the remaining Young X-Men's fight with Magma doesn't go well: She makes Dust into a glass statue. Rockslide remains intact despite her attack, but only Wolf Cub's cut from behind – risking a burn – scratches Magma and gives them a win.

  • Cannonball and Sunspot watch a newscast about the events in L.A. They know the X-Men are back and after them, meaning the surprise element is no more on the Young X-Men's side.

  • In the Young X-Men headquarters, Cyclops is spying on Sam and Roberto, listening to their conversation via a bug. Ink is back and tells Scott that Dani got her powers back and surprised Blindfold and him, and then took his partner as a hostage.

  • Above, in the ruins of the mansion, hides a mysterious kid. He watches Cyclops and Ink and talks to himself. Eventually the kid comes to a conclusion: He should kill Cyclops.

  • In an unknown location, Blindfold wakes up. Dani is standing above her and ready to beat her and get answers.

  • Santo and Wolf Cub tell Ink that Blindfold can't be dead, because she had a vision of the team – including her – fighting Donald Pierce. Eric is surprised to hear that he too will be part of the fight. Santo also says that Dust will be okay, as seen in Blindfold's vision.

  • Wolf Cub watches Magma in her cell, glad she is not dead. He tells Cyclops that at first he was okay with allegedly killing her, but later he felt bad. Scott says that he shouldn't feel bad, because there are not many options to deal with threats on Mutantkind post M-Day or the destruction of Genosha.

  • The use of the Danger Cave's recordings of people with medical knowledge to help Dust proves a failure. Rockslide says there is a need for someone smarter to cure her.

  • A Californian prison, the place is under attack. One of the cells is being breached from the outside by a guy who looks like Eric Gitter and shares the same abilities, but answers to the name Carlos. He came to free the prisoner residing in the breached cell.

  • Back to the unknown location, Dani still hits Blindfold. The latter says the name of Donald Pierce, who then shows up from behind Dani.

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