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An anthology

A Valentines Day anthology from DC. Because there's nothing I need more than being reminded that I'm single...

Anyway, being that this is an anthology series, I'll review each story individually.

Catwoman and Batman in "Think it Through" - 2/5

Pretty much nothing happened in this story. Catwoman sees something she wants to buy, she tries to rob something, and Batman stops her. That's it. There's no romance, there's no interest, it's just something that happens. The art is okay, but the story doesn't feel like anything that needed to be told.

Aquaman and Meera in "The Lighthouse" - 4/5

I really liked this story. In it, Meera finds the diary of a woman who's love was lost at sea, and when the lighthouse goes out, she and Arthur go out to stop ships from sinking. While it wasn't really about Aquaman and Meera, it was romantic, which is what this issue was meant to be. This is definitely the best story in the comic.

Batgirl and Ricky in "Dreamer" - 3/5

This story was okay. Ricky, the boy that Batgirl saved from Knightfall (Which was sort of her fault, by the way) got a kiss from Batgirl in her Annual, and is now looking for another one. I get the idea of a superhero and an ex-criminal getting together, but I'm not a big fan of it. This story wasn't bad, but I'm not a big fan of the pairing.

Midnighter and Apollo in "Seoul Brothers" - 1/5

There was absolutely nothing romantic about this story. I don't know much about Stormwatch, but I thought these two were married with a kid. It's possible that this was deleted in the New 52 reboot, but this whole thing seemed pointless. Apollo and Midnighter aren't even a couple in this, so putting this in a Valentines Day issue seemed like an odd thing to do. This is the worst story in the comic.

Nightwing and Ursa Major in "Another Saturday Night" - 2/5

Another one I didn't like. Nightwing gets dumped by Jen, and hangs out with a bodyguard. That's it. The entire thing seemed pointless, and unless they intend to use Ura Major in a story later on, I don't see why she needed to be included.

Superman and Wonder Woman in "Truth or Dare" - 3/5

And the issue ends with a tale of Superman and Wonder Woman on a date, which is crashed by Sirens. The story isn't awful, but it wasn't exactly good either.

Final Thoughts - 2.5/5

This issue felt like a waste of time. While I enjoyed the Aquaman story, the rest were mostly pointless, and this was definitely not worth the $8 it cost to read. I recommend skipping thins, as you won't really be missing anything of note.

Posted by Technicolorville

Yeah the Aquaman story was the best one. I think it would have been cool if they had a story that included "The Flash" there's potential for a good romantic story. In the latest issue of "The Flash" issue #16 had a flashback of a past romance with Iris and why it didn't work. Patty though is his current girlfriend and the one we're hoping Flash stays with. They could have done a story on how "The Flash" and Patty started dating.

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