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Dick Dauntless was the orphan child of deceased Air Force Personnel. Like Mike Moran, Johnny Bates and Avril Lear he was a test subject "Project Zarathustra" a experiment using the alien bodies and technology of an alien race called the Qys as a way of making superhumans after saying a certain word there normal bodies switch places with a super powered body and vice versa the other bodies are transferred to underspace where they are unconscious and do not age.

Dicky and the other test subjects were placed in a virtual simulation program as training based on the adventures of the old Fawcett comics Marvel Family where they fought in many Golden age themed adventures and villains he frequently partnered up with Marvelman and Kid Marvelman but seemed to not like Marvelwoman much even smiling when she "died". His adventures seemed very innocent but served as a form of understanding of how they would react since the scientists feared them. Soon their fear became more gripping when Young Marvelman, Kid Marvelman and Marvelman himself began to fight the enforced dreaming and the project came to a end when they were unplugged and sent in a real adventure where they were annihilated in a Nuclear explosion.

However Marvelman and Kid Marvelman survived Dicky was caught in the explosion and supposedly killed.

Young Marvelman

30 years later Marvelman via a clone resurrected Dicky to have him join his new Olympus and "pantheon" of gods. Dicky was very shocked to discover that his memories were false and horrified to learn that Kid Marvelman had gone insane. He is uncomfortable and feels he does not belong in the new world ruled by Marvelman but he is fascinated by the other many superbeings and wonders in it. He still has a sense a "man out of time" sense to him and seems to be slightly misogynist (calling Marvelwoman's costume filthy) and not racially sensitive.

Dicky is invited to a ceremony in New York to celebrate his rebirth and welcomed warmly by the city's people. After talking to his lover Marvelwoman he says he does not want Dicky to be like Kid Marvelman she also convinces Marvelman is gay and in love with Marvelman. Marvelman is at first hesitant of this theory then decides to confront Dicky on his feelings for him.

Dicky soon returns to Olympus accepting the new world but still feels awkward around Marvelman. When he goes to his bedroom Marvelman comes in to help Dicky plan out his schedule around the world saying he can do whatever he wants but Dicky questions if that is what drove Kid Marvelman insane but marvelman says it is not the same. Marvelman then says that they must resolve certain things between them a confused Dicky is confused having no idea what he is talking about then Marvelman kisses him. Dicky is shocked and confused by Marvelman and responds by punching Marvelman into the wall disgusted by his actions asking if that is what drove Kid Marvelman insane. Marvelman say he made an error in judgement he is interrupted by Dicky who tearfully leaves Olympus asking not to be followed. Marvelman then goes to confront Marvelwoman saying they need to talk.

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