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I watched the Cadmus thing online, and i'm watching it (rather missing thanks to me writing) live today and,...... well ok they SAID it was gonna be fucked up. Wally West and Grayson with Superboy,....... you lost me there. But i'm watching it,....that's cos i suck. So,... Cadmus, SB keeps his origins??? thought they said Zod's son living with Clark,... anyways, his ATTITUDE! ok attitude is fair but,... SB was supposed to be funny, cool, something of an attention whore,...has those daddy problems, ok,.. fair. I love the animation though, the Superman and  Batman from Crisis on 2 Earths? NIIIIIIICE! The glasses and the yellow costume on Kid Flash (or "Kay Eff",..???) is neat, and,...i WISH i had Bart although Wally DID wear the yellow thing first. But one GOOD thing about Wally being Kid Flash? we get the OLDER Bartholomew back. And wait, i see BOLTS and METAL on Kid Flash's suit???? wtf? that cant be,... the suit in the ring, the static while running,..however, solar absorbing Super suit? Kudos. 
As for Aqualad, not care for him, takes away Superboy's place,...but i like him, nothing cocky, nothing lame, works on a plan, CARES about screwing up,... They already had an Aqualad in Titans Unite (from the Teen Titans run) so can CN have a DIFFERENT Aqualad in the SAME UNIVERSE? Speaking of Titans,.... HAVE WE NOT HAD ENOUGH DICK (Grayson) ALREADY??? from the 60s to the 90s to The Batman TO TEEN TITANS??? i mean WHEN is he going to retire? Dick's like the Space Ghost of Robins in the animated universe. 
 Miss Martian, THERE's a reason to love this show! The flirtation between her and SB is obvious, and of course Wally, the ladies man makes it soooo interesting 
One thing about the show,...i like Dubbilex, (pronounced his name doob-ilex but yeah double-ex sounds so much more natural, d'oh shoulda figured) loooks,.....thinner,....and....HORNIER (badabada BISH!) it's so much.... and all the bullshit philosophy,...i mean Comics to me is ALL ABOUT philosophy, but in the first episode,... "Have you ever seen the sky superboy? the moon? But have you seen it?" sounds so.... a 13 year old would be impressed, oh yeah there you go! Objective achieved! impress the kids! ruin what was already great. Kr the symbol of KRYPTON???? True, BUT, the element and the planet,..HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER (right?) except it being green. 
That was part 1,... after TODAY's episode,.. wow, i think i LIKE Superboy! The appearance of Bane and these other toughies proves one thing,.. Superboy's strength. Bane was beaten by this new "champion" guy, SB beats them BOTH! Batman's abs,.. gotta love them. Kid Flash's "mecha suit".....still feels weird. Sisco lad......didnt sing the Thong song. Liked how Aqualad took over responsibility or "the burden" BUT told Robin it was only UNTIL.... And SB refusing the leadership, smart move kid. So Robin is 13, Wally is 15 (AND DO YOU REALLY NEED THE GOGGLES WALLY???) and Superboy is SIXTEEN??? What did i MISS the witch boy?? They also used another team maneuver today! too bad it was the same "smash the pillars" from the Cadmus ep (which i watched....wednesday) i think the best part of the whole episode musta been Batman's abs and grey suit......NO WAIT! Destro/Kobra comander/Lord Naga.........Casey Jones was not bad either.......nah not too crazy about him. And what is it with this LIGHT? the enemies of the LIGHT? away from the LIGHT?  
Well i guess,..... either i'm forgetting something or i ran out of things to say, that's a stop

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@sweatboy: Well this is set on a Earth 16, and is set in the early days of that earth. Superboy in this series did have his memories and stuff messed with by Cadmus, while on New Earth he escaped before they messed with his head any, which is also why he got mad at Miss Martian  for being in his head last week, And Grayson is picked because he's the most likable, and most recognizable Robin there ha been. And alo since it's the Early day's of sidekicks on that Earth.
Also you mentioned the Garth Aqualad. there not in a shared universe, and Garth is Tempest in this how and I read he would appear eventually.And Bane was beaten because the kobras champion was on venom that was altered with the blockbuster fourmula making it at least 3 times more powerful. And kid flash suit i mroe armored because his most frequent attack is using his body like a battering ram.And the goggle serve a purpose of letting kid flash see different Spectrums of light.

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