young justice live action?

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  i know it prolly wont happen but with smallville ending it would be cool
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Yeah fan made. Though it could work. They have a Superboy now and Ollie has been training Mia. But the Bart Allen thing wouldn't work, he's been working with the League for a while, and definitely no Cyborg.
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It could work,depending on the characters.

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Hum... if the series tires me up sometimes, I guess this would have the same effect...

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why was a power ranger on there? and is it just as bad that i knew it was a power ranger lol

but honestly, i dont want this because it'll turn into a teeny bopper love story triangle soap opera... the animated series is enough

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No. I only want Live Action movies. No tv crap.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

No. I only want Live Action movies. No tv crap.


Now a live action movie I might be interested in.

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I wouldn't mind seeing an animated movie.

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