Young Justice hit or miss?

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I enjoyed it.

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I loved it

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It was awesome

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Brilliant Show, it was amazing.

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i thought i was great...
i dont remember who but someone was complaining about the continuity of the show...
i didnt see anything to far from continuity...did yall?
besides maybe superboy...wasnt he cloned by lex?

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@Agnosia: Superboy was cloned with lex's dna as well,but not by him and even then that is a retcon that he doesn't learn for several years. This is set in the earl y years of an alternate earth so people whining  about continuity really shouldn't be. 
But I believe it was a hit, I loved the Amanda  Spence cameo at the end of the episode; shes an agenda agaent that ultimately leads to the cloning of superboy with his clone Match, and she kills Tana Moon. Now i'm not seeing the second thing happening; but I really see Match being a villian.
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Remember Young Justice takes place in a completely different timeline and universe from the comics. It takes place in Earth-16.
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