'Young Justice' Episode 46 "Endgame" Images

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#101 Posted by mobilesleepy (20 posts) - - Show Bio

It's what keeps the show going. Did you expect them to throw the Light into prison?

I liked the ending. It was sad, plot-wise. Some folks didn't spend enough time together before separating. Most of the threads tied up well.

It would've been nice to have the ending be a 1-2 hour special. See more of the Black Beetle fight, see some of the Runaways in action. I initially thought Vandal Savage would threaten Rimbor with destruction unless the JL was executed, and a fight would break out, but alas, the story still had the seeds of Season 3. Seeing the GL corps taking on the Reach would've been cool too.

As for the sudden appearance of Trolls, I guess My Little Pony must've wrapped up it's season, so haters gotta find something else to hate. Of course it's kind of crazy to have sidekicks taking on big baddies, but it's a cartoon. It's suppose to be fun. But with just enough adult themes and darkness to not be irritatingly "fun" and wacky like the Nutra-Sweet of Teen Titans of old. Which yes, was enjoyable, but not every cartoon has to be hip and ironic.

Wanted to Red Tornado in action!

#102 Edited by nmiller1939 (46 posts) - - Show Bio

@Vitacura said:

I loved young justice first season but the second season is very bad.

The bad guys won! Go team!

How did the bad guys win? If by win, you mean they are still causing problems and weren't permanently stopped, then yeah, they won. But, by that logic, almost every comic book villain always wins.

#103 Posted by Atari_Graphics (171 posts) - - Show Bio

@Queen's Halo: You're so done with it you decided to comment back. That makes so much sense person. Keep it up.

#104 Edited by Jnr6Lil (7889 posts) - - Show Bio

Great ending.

Don't see why it's ended in a cliffhanger just to come back.

Static-Lightning teamup was great. There needs to be a Static Shock cartoon return with Virgil being promoted to Black Lightning with his son as the new Static who is living with his Uncle Gear in the suburbs.

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