'Young Justice' - E45 "Summit"?

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@jasontodd7 said:

@Jnr6Lil: i guess the real power that black beetle has is the fact that knows how to use his scarab properly...but i'm also tired of him beating everyone.

Too bad Klarion didin't beat his ass but there is still time for Fate, Superman, a Green Lantern or someone to take care of that arrogant prick.

One episode left, why would you want a Leaguer to take him down? I'd much rather see the team do it, considering it's, you know, their series.

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Great episode. Also, they used freaking GODZILLA'S roar for Klarion's summon thing?!

@Mojo65 said:

@DeviousBastard said:

Miss Martian was awesome. Holding her own against Black Beetle.

Yeah, though I do wonder when she learned to fight like that. But It's cool to see her get at least once pure physical fight in before the show is over, even though she wasn't in her usual form.

Yeah that was the one part of the episode I thought was kinda stupid. She's never displayed physical skills remotely close to what we saw in this fight.

It wouldn't bother me normally, but her performance as Deathstroke was quite important to the plot, and so requires even more suspense of disbelief than usual...

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yes, that's true but i doubt it since he beated the team already..maybe aqualad would have more succes , he tooked down blue controlled by scarab already.

#54 Posted by nmiller1939 (46 posts) - - Show Bio

@jasontodd7: He beat the whole team once, in an enclosed space. In a different environment, I think they might do better (especially with Kaldur and Dick involved).

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Best episode of the generally mediocre season.

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