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Been a little behind Young Justice thanks to the completely confusing and annoying way CN is airing the episodes, but after a few hours marathon im finally up to date.

The episode Complications blew my mind though, that was an awesome episode! If the series is getting cancelled (lets hope not), im just happy that they managed to make Sportsmaster cool. That man is just pure badassery!

I wanted to know if the comics based on the series is any good? Also... isnt it time to give Sportsmaster an update? we havent seen him in the New 52 yet, right? After ''Complications'' he gained a new fan, thats for sure.

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: Well, the comics are good.

They're not essential, you'll get the story if you only watch the show, but it gives more information about the characters and their stories. (focus on Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, Nightwing, Batgirl, Conner and M'gann)

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@Skunkstein: They are really good compliments, help to tie some stuff pretty well; the between episodes, why blah happened, some little details, and are very cool tying some stuff between season 1 and 2 till might be a bit messy

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