Young Justice Cartoon In The Works?

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#51 Posted by jefprice (848 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself: Haha You're cool man. 
I'm in a ranting mood, I just got done watching the complete run of Batman and Beyond + all the films this past weekend. Lol 
I agree the art looks decent compared to what else they're giving us on TV, however DC normally networks their toons, TT was in the same U as Batman and Superman (if you watch season 4 of the BAS. Season 1 of the New Adventures they make Tim's art style reflect TT's)  
I also have a really hard time thinking this will be more like the prier award winning toons of the 90's and early 2000's .Hopefully this will be the case, but I think it's more likely we'll get a kid show. DC was always on Bruce Tim's and the rest of the past teams for being to edgy, and they've shown that they want more kid friendly toons now.  
Man, I hope you're right, I'd much rather see a return to that U then the goofy crap they're doing right now. I'm not a TT or YJ fan, never have been, but if it's done right it'll be good. But this is one time I don;t have faith. I think those of us who love the stories if the past are doomed to wait months for a DVD now and again, and even then they can;t stop screwing with us by changing the cast every 5 min. lol
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one of my favorite  comic series of all time... it had better star impulse and superboy

#53 Posted by Raia (59 posts) - - Show Bio

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've wanting something like this for a while since they ended the Teen Titans series and since Young Justice is no longer in print. This is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#54 Posted by NYCPulpWriter (36 posts) - - Show Bio

Just so long it's NOT like that crap that was GO TEEN TITANS.

#55 Posted by LitosWay357 (87 posts) - - Show Bio

those expecting wonder girl and secret may be disappointed by this update I got from the same page:

UPDATE: I’ve been passed the following snippet purporting to be from someone who has seen a poster image for the show

It’s Sorta THE Young Justice. They will be going out with this BIG TIME at Comic Con. From what I saw, it’s Martian Girl, Aqualad, Nightwing, Impulse, Arrowette, and Connor Kent. The poster gives me the tone that it’s a cross between JLU and TT. I liked the look a lot. It’s not quite Timm-style, but it’s not All Murikami’d out like Teen Titans.

The kids were the focus of the poster, in the center, but The JL was behind them.
#56 Posted by touch37 (56 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh my god. 
I, I think my next three birthdays and Hannukah just came early. Hm, if Impulse will be in this then maybe...Inertia? Please?
#57 Posted by harleyquinn12 (1741 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome series, I don't know about the show. And two other things, Young Justice League? and why is Arrowette wearing green????? Maybe I'll watch the first episode,,,,, maybe.
#58 Posted by Argentino_18 (934 posts) - - Show Bio

Damn Straight! 
Teen Titans suck! 
Bring of less angstier teens! 

#59 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio

 apparently this is the Dr Light for the show
#60 Posted by danhimself (22731 posts) - - Show Bio
@geraldthesloth said:
 apparently this is the Dr Light for the show
I'm pretty sure that's the Dr Light from the Teen Titans show
#61 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself: Probably,I got it from an unreliable source and I never watched the Teen Titans cartoon after the first episode.
#62 Posted by danhimself (22731 posts) - - Show Bio
@geraldthesloth:  I could be wrong though...he only appeared like once for a minute or two...the animation style looks different to
#63 Edited by Dark Sprite (139 posts) - - Show Bio

Going to watch it as soon as it comes out. 
Also, I knew that sooner or later this series was going to end up on tv.
#64 Edited by Static Shock (47619 posts) - - Show Bio

This is going to be awesome.

#65 Posted by Static Shock (47619 posts) - - Show Bio

 Looks like this is the full roster. I don't like the Black Aqualad, though. Smells like Affirmative Action to me. But, in any case, they could have thrown any other Black superhero in there (Static, Hot Spot, Jason Rusch/Firestorm, etc) rather than making a White superhero Black. Overall, I think the show is going to be enjoyable, so to speak.

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