Young Justice 5 min NYCC Footage!!!!!!!!!!

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Everytime I saw Aqualad I thought of Spyke from X-Men Evolution... they look almost exactly alike and when Aqualad pulled the swords from his back I thought of Spyke pulling out the spikes from his back too lol the video didn't have sound either, so everytime i saw Aqualad speak i heard Evan's voice lol
It looks really promising...wished there was stuff on Artemis and Miss Martian, they weren't in the trailer at all and they're suppose to be main characters too...  I loved the bit of Conner at the end!  Hopefully the Justice League will have big role in each episode too!  Black Canary is suppose to be one of the 16 member, I heart Black Canary <3

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Wow, every villain was an ice villain

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Awesome xD

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OMG...Aqualad has my effin powers...I knew I should have had Slight copy written 


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