Will Tim Drake Become Red Robin

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Over the time skip Robin Became Nightwing, So do you think that the new robin (tim Drake) Will eventually become Red Robin?

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Don't think so, at least not for this season. If they did yet another one (please do) i could see the new team being compromised of Damian and other young heroes leaving Tim space to become red robin

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I hope not, I don't want to see another big time skip.

#5 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

Not this season, but yes please I want watch he as Red Robin PLEASE

@The_Tree said:

I hope not, I don't want to see another big time skip.

Don't think they need a big one, with less than a year they can make it and I don't think anyone gets hurt by a -1 year time skip.

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I want a red robin but I think we're not going to get what we want, they added enough characters its so confusing to tell whos who and not enough characters get screen time.

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Possibly, if there's another skip and he takes control of the team.

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Yes given enough time skips or long enough. I see it happening in S3 or S4 depending on how many years.

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If we get a season 3, then maybe he will...but i highly doubt he will change to Red Robin in the current season. But I would love to see Red Robin, but please DO NOT use New 52 Red Robin design!!!!

This costume!

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It's unnecessary.

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I'm in the whole don't do another time skip camp. But I could see maybe during the last few episodes of season 3, he would rise to the position of Red Robin through a major storyline that was building up all season. Maybe the older team members get captured and he has to rise up to the position.

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Probably not, and if it did happen it wouldn't happen this season or the next season

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He would need a lot of character development. Especially because one of the best parts of Red Robin is that he was so adamant that Bruce is alive that he delved into some darker areas to find proof. That kind of development is possible for the show, but I would hope that they would develop it is S3 or maybe S4 to give him time to grow up/ introduce Damian, cuz all young hero teams need a Robin

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I just want to see Tim get more screen time as it is.

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Sure if we get more time skips and enough seasons. S3 or S4. Yeah he will be Red Robin. Until then no.

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@The_Tree said:

I hope not, I don't want to see another big time skip.

That's a shame cause producer and the shows creator Greg Weisman said on his blog that if they do a season 3 there will be another time skip. Although it'll be a shorter time skip than Season 2's.
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Nah, they would have to include Damian in the mix, and that would be focusing too much on Batman's world, and they mostly just show the big picture.

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not if its with a time skip... somehow his skills would have to dramatically improve for that to happen and another time skip would push other characters into retirement so no if its with a time skip yes if theres any other way to incorporate him as red robin without making him look like an inexperienced fool

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

I just want to see Tim get more screen time as it is.


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Doing so would mean a time skip and I would like for that not to happen.

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