Which Villains Should Appear Next on Young Justice?

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A few

-Lex Luthor

Any thoughts??
#2 Posted by joshmightbe (25974 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Adam along with a Capt. Marvel guest spot, if you think about it Billy Batson is in the same age group as the team so he'd fit in good

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#4 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

The Legion of Doom

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Deathstroke. It should definitely be Deathstroke.
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Ravager (as a villainess-turned-heroine).

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captain marvel was with the justice legae when young justice broke the cadmus building
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@Eyelash30 said:

I would like to see Match go up against Superboy as a flawed clone, but NOTHING like Bizarro. Match would be an advancement who lacks emotion, the abilitiy to feel pain or pleasure except from Kryptonite. The idea of an intelligent Bizarro would be creepy.

I would also like to see the Point Men contend with Young Justice, Manchester Black, Enchantress, Conduit, and Wonder Woman foe Duke of Deception.

An intelligent bizarro is basicaly Superman.

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@Eyelash30 said:

@Jnr6Lil: Superman can be cloned, but not duplicated. It's a question of taking the familiar and twisting it to a different idea.

Bizarro thinks backwards and is in many cases the "opposite Superman", Were Superman a colorless clone, with no emotional baggage, AND EVIL, that becomes a more interesting aspect to itself. The generalization that Superman's EMOTIONS give him both strength and weakness. Superman's invulnerability from outside forces tends to make him an intrigue, but reading Match going up against Superboy when Match was SMART- that is something very dangerous. Superman can defeat Bizarro on the usage of blue kryptonite or Bizarro's stupidity, Bizarro has empathy and attracts the reader on his pitiful deformations, the reader is revolted by Bizzaro as the abberation of Superman, a Superman-Frankenstien monster while sympathizing his problems. Match HAS NO emotional ties, is allegedly a brainwashed puppet to no sense for physical pain, and is very much an emotionless character to me which I find more terrifying than a character with broader emotions. Imagine Bizarro with no weakness to kryptonite, no capacity to feel pleasure or pain, and the cold mindset of the Decepticon Shockwave- that is my depiction of Match. Just a thought.

Yes but an intelligent Bizarro doesn't need to be good to beat Superman.

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