What channels will it air?

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I was just wondering, other than Cartoon Network, where i could find episodes for the new Young Justice TV show? 
in Canada, we don't really have Cartoon Network, so will they air it on Teletoon or Ytv or something? 
or is there a website that will be showing the episodes? CartoonNetwork.com only airs episodes online for US residents only. 

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From what I read Teletoon is almost one and the same as CN (Cartoon Network) and Ytv seems to be similar to the Hub, or even Nicktoons. I guess if Teletoon is advertising the premiere you may not have it airing there...at least not YET maybe. Which sucks. But I do have a site that I use to catch up on shows if I've missed them which is: tv.blinkx.com. 
They've got just about...every show, even Batman: Brave & the Bold. Really cool. Someone should have the premiere up a few hours after it comes on the first run. I'm not sure if it'll be under the tv shows tab or the movies tab. Probably chick the tv show tab first since it's not really considered a "movie". 
Hope this works out, if not I'll give you a hand in finding another alternative!

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@mistersarcastic: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! sometimes it sucks living in Canada. hehh.
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@Mrs. Tim Drake:  lol No problemo!

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