Unused characters?

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So we have a lot of teen (and child) hero's that have appeared in the show, but how do you think they will be used or are they just there for the cameo appearance?

Here is a list of all said characters:

Garth (Tempest), Tula (Aqua Girl), La'gaan (Lagoon Boy), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Bette Kane (Flamebird), Karen Beecher (Bumblebee), Mal Duncan (Vox or Herald), Wendy Harris (Proxy), Marvin White, Garth Logan (Beast Boy), Cissie King-Jones (Arrowette), Rocket, Greta Hayes (Secret).

And any chance you think that these characters have potential for DCnU to create a team out of?

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They do, and some of them even fought together in Teen Titans, but I don't think all them would be part of the same team in comics. Their storylines are too different and distant.

Anyway, who knows. Maybe they could rub shoulders with each other in the future.

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