To save Young Justice, We have to not watch Beware the Batman!

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#51 Posted by mobilesleepy (20 posts) - - Show Bio

@darkman97 said:

my plans are to not watch the teen titans show at all. maybe to see if it's like the dc shorts. if they are, then i know it won't spark my interest at all.

i will check out the first show of batman. not that i don't like seeing new villains, but i think it may be a mistake not including batman's more popular ones. plus the villains they chose have very adult like gimicks. how will the make it a kid show without makinging it stupid and juvenile. will prof. pyg be his insane self trying to drug people or will he be running around making pig noises and doing swine themed crimes? i'm worried.

if i end up not liking either, i honestly won't watch CN at all. call it a boycott or whatever you want, i don't think not watching will automatically bring back YJ, but i do think if ratings are worse, they will bring in a show worth watching.

I really liked the shorts. Farm League is entertaining. Good to see Kricfalusi doing the Croaker and Wonder Wombat.

I'd like to see more Animal Man.

going off topic here, but during the promos for the last half of the 2nd season, one of the shorts they showed had Shade the Changing Man, did they show that at all? I collected the Vertigo comics back in the day, and I really loved them.

#52 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14175 posts) - - Show Bio

@mobilesleepy said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: So it's just a coincidence that a Green Lantern cartoon premiered right around the time a Green Lantern movie came out? Doesn't have to be connected, story wise. The Batman cartoon coming out isn't going to be a dark Nolan fantasy with themes about Class inequality or Man's struggle between Anarchy and Control starring the Joker and Bane, but it's Batman. A recognizable name with a somewhat successful franchise behind it. Green Lantern swung out. Why do you think the cartoons replacing them are familiar and tested properties?

I liked the Green Lantern cartoon, almost as much as Young Justice, but I seriously doubt it will be resurrected.

It'd be really cool to have a GL sequel to the first DVD only release tho. Loved the Training Day vibes.

i only meant that they weren't in the same continuity,

#53 Posted by sinestro_GL (3490 posts) - - Show Bio

Why don;t you give the new show a chance?

Maybe you'll come to love it.

And then you'll start another hate thread when CN cans it.

#54 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (6484 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the only way to actually save Young Justice is if Cartoon Network decided to play reruns of Young Justice and the ratings for the reruns are high. That's how Rugrats came back on Nickelodeon after it was cancelled, although in this case, the merchandising for Young Justice would also have to sell well to convince Cartoon Network to bring it back. Not watching Beware the Batman might not help save Young Justice since Young Justice would already be cancelled at this moment and it would just convince Cartoon Network that there's no need for action cartoons.

#55 Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude (2949 posts) - - Show Bio

@ccraft said:

More like Beware the 'new' Batman show :)

I'll probably gonna watch the 1st episode anyways, even though I will probably hate it.

Also if you guys want to help YJ spam Cartoon network with mail, not emails cause they can ignore it. So mail the crap out of them, I know i'm gonna mail them 5x a week.

Read this

Ya know? If they had done this to make room for a new Superman cartoon or a Wonder Woman cartoon? I'd be more or less okay with it. I mean how many animated series has Supes had? One compared to Batman's 4, now 5 counting Beware the Batman. Superman NEEDS a new cartoon!!!! I mean I'd think they'd be working in a new Superman cartoon anyway with Man of Steel coming out this summer anyway. So does Wonder Woman!! Where's the love for her at?! What I'm saying is that if they were going to replace these shows with something new and different then fine! But what we're getting instead is yet another Batman cartoon and a comedy show

#56 Posted by jasontodd7 (116 posts) - - Show Bio

@Smart_Dork_Dude: Dr Fate, Shazam , Flash, even Nightwing or Aquaman can have good cartoons ..but there is nobody willing to do that.

Batman is a great character, he's my favourite and they are over-using him . But not beware of the batman is the enemy here.. Teen titans go ( pls go after a few episodes) is the direct enemy and must support a frontal boyccot atack from us all.

Let's say that the buying propaganda will work.. ignore all stuff teen titans related and support young justice.

This way..we might have a chance.

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