The Young Justice Awards

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The most popular Young Justice YouTube reviewers have gotten together to create an Awards show to show Cartoon Network how much the fans care about the show. Alone it isn't enough to save the show but, there's been many different attempts at getting the show back with methods like spamming CN execs, sending them domino masks, facebook, twitter, etc. If you care at all about the show, go and vote. You can vote on the 16 (I see what they did there) catergories every day and you can send a video of yourself explaining why you love Young Justice and you may be featured on the award show.

More details in the video below.

Note: If you want to vote more than once, you may have to clear your history every day to vote every day.

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I voted

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Voted! Gonna spread the word!

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>entirely snubbing Miss Martian out of the MVP catagory

>Blue Beetle not an option for favorite male despite all the focus he gets

>Zatanna not an option for favorite female despite being a lead for half a season

yeah screw these people

also favorite ship and cutest couple? Basically the same thing.

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I'll vote, but I have SEVERAL complaints with the polls.

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