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Bereft Episode Spoilers. 
Anyone else think that the sphere the team picked up in the desert which is apparently from Apokolips could morph into a Super-Cycle for the team? They've got Miss Martian's ship for when they need to travel the world but what if they just need to go down the street or Miss Martian is unavailable to pilot? The semi-sentient mechanical object that seems to have latched on to the team like a pet just makes me think it'll end up becoming the Super-Cycle. Besides it'll be better for Robin, Aqualad and Artemis to ride in rather than have to be carried by Superboy, Miss Martian and Flash if they don't have to go so far to need Megan's spaceship.
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I was having the same thoughts myself. Just glad someone isn't as crazy as I am because when I said this to my friend she just laughed. grr

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@PrinceIMC: How many episodes have there been? I caught the first one on the CN website but I feel like I've missed a lot.
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@Kal'smahboi:  about 9 i think
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@ombla2:  Damn. Well I have some catching up to do.
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Their has been some talk that it may be secret

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I'm I the only person who thinks the sphere was a mother box??? just you know.. not a box

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Probably a Death Spore, I highly doubt The Light was spending resources on bringing a Vehicle from another world, besides, they all have personalized motorcycles. They probably have some deal with Apokolips. The Lights main objective seems to be to destroy The League
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Disturbingly good guess

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I like how they try to build bits of the comic into the show

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