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What happened to Match? He was something I hoped that would be used further down the line in Season 2 of Young Justice, but apparently not.

Season 3 would have been nice.

Also what happened to Red Arrow (clone of the real Roy, Arsenal)? After the rescue of himself, that was it! Or was he in the panoramic shot of both the JLA and the Young Justice teams in the last episode, Endgame!?

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didnt he just run off after their fight? lol they could have worked him to be H'el if there was a season 3 . this weekend sucked . lol

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I want to add What Happened to Red Arrow?


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@Yung ANcient One said:

I want to add What Happened to Red Arrow?


Ooh I'll add that in too!!

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Match was put back in cyro-stasis right? Red Arrow was seen in that group I think, but he didn't have any lines.

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Match appeared in the comics, he fought against Batgirl >.>
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We see what happens to the Roys but they were present in the panoramic shot of the heroes.

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To be onest i dont think they ended endgame very well

the art seemed of

it wasnt as good as the other episodes

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@Yung ANcient One: @papad1992: Red Arrow is with his daughter putting the hero stuff behind him. Saving the real Roy was the last thing he wanted to do.

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Clone Roy was in the group. Honestly, this should have been a hour long episode. Too much stuff, not enough time. We couldn't even mourn Wally properly.

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I already asked about Match the other day. Project Match?

No clue for Red Arrow though. He briefly appeared in Satisfaction, then disappeared until a non-speaking background cameo in Endgame.

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@RedRobin183 said:

We see what happens to the Roys but they were present in the panoramic shot of the heroes.

So he was in that panoramic shot... ok, I must have not seen him! Too much to take in. I was actually staring at Blue Devil the entire time, wishing that they would have introduced Kid Devil!

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