Predictions for the final episode?

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Just one week left before the show is officially over. What are your predictions for the episode?

Obviously the Reach and BB will be defeated. That storyline is bound to be wrapped up. Not sure what role the Light will play. As far as I could tell, only Klarion and Savage are aboard the war world. Maybe they will come back and attack earth with the other light members. The justice league will clearly return before the end of the episode. I don't think the MM and Superboy thing will be resolved. I thought the conversation between KF and Impulse was interesting. Obvious set up for Bart to become KF but I wonder if its also set up for Wally to become Flash. Maybe Barry retires because he's about to be a father and leaves Wally with the responsibility of Flash. This is keeping in mind that there must have had a plan for season 3 and having Wally actually retire again seems counterproductive. I'm sure the Light won't be captured since they seem to be the show's main villains. With the show not having planned to end at the end of season 2 and the hinted link with Darkseid, I'm sure that their story won't be wrapped up.

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yea based on todays episode it wont be wrapped up but at least alot of storylines will be resolved. it wouldve been nice to seen the runaways in this episode hopefully they will be in the next

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my prediction will be that it shall be the last episode of the series, did i win? :D

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@DarkKnightDetective said:


ugh, all that work for nothing!

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Now that Nightwing has relinquished his role as leader, next episode I bet he'll cut loose and bring out a can of escrima whoop-azz in the field.

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Epicness with a hit of Wildstorm

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@Nightwing_Beyond said:

Now that Nightwing has relinquished his role as leader, next episode I bet he'll cut loose and bring out a can of escrima whoop-azz in the field.

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I can tell you: Sh*t is going down.

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I'm guessing the alien invasion stuff will be tied up nicely, but The Light stuff won't be.

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Reach plot to blow up the earth will have to be stopped by the Young Justice and Runaways. Light is probably planning to use Warworld to destroy the Justice League members on trial on Rimbor. Justice league will be needed to put Mongul back in charge of Warworld. Light will escape since they are working with Godfrey and Darkseid.

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My guess is that it will end in one big epic fight to the finish with the team and runaways fighting the reach and light. And plus the Justice League pulling a big damn heroes moment.

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I expect Kyle Rayner due to the mention of the Green Lantern Corps coming. In one episode, the second one of Invasion I think, they already confirmed that Hal, John, and Guy are all off planet and helping the JLA clear their name. If so, that means 2814 is without a Lantern at the moment, meaning that they should've brought in Kyle a while ago. That being said I would so love it if we got to see him in the last episode. It would really be enough to make me happy about it being the last if Kyle got a moment to shine and such. He didn't even have that in the DCAU, where he was just a fusion of Hal Jordan.

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Yeah I don't think the Vandal Savage thing is going to be resolved. The Reach are gonna be beaten though. Superboy and Miss Martian if they get anything probably have a sort of moment like the last moment beyond John and Shayera in JLU, only more open ended since there is no future child.

Barry might just die, Im half expecting he will. If he doesn't then I think Wally just stays retired.

All in all it'll be less neatly wrapped than JLU but more neat that Teen Titans deliberate nonending.

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It'll be anticlimactic.

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